We’re glad that you’ve found us. We work hard to provide the best service possible because we know how valuable your automobile is to you. I, Kenneth  Sistrunk, the owner of KSIS Auto Transport am a retired Navy veteran and have built my life around hard work and dependability. Using what I’ve learned in the field to strive for sensibility and perfection on a daily basis, because if you can’t make sense of the situation, you can’t perfect it!

Kenneth  Sistrunk
KSIS Auto Transport

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I’ve been growing my business and using new technology to work  more efficiently.  Some of these things include a website that allows me to easily add content and push it out with social media,  and a web-based dispatch program.  When I start the paperwork to gather the info from the cars, to the surprise of my comrades on the road, customers and other transporters they watch as I begin to scan the VIN barcodes with only my cellphone and scanner.  “Hey…Mr. Gadget, what are you doing?  Trying to stay ahead of the competition or what?”


At KSIS Auto Transport we are more than concerned for the safety of everyone on the road. I know at times it may seem frustrating when sharing the road with semi trucks, but we have to learn to be patient and courteous so nobody gets injured. I found an article on the net that provides some safety tips that I thought I would share. It states some quick facts and discusses what you should do when dealing with a semi truck on the road. I hope that this article helps you understand the road from our point of view and that we are not “all” big bully’s. But should you come across a dangerous situation you need to know how to protect yourself from an accident. Link to the full article


Check this one out! We were commissioned to transport approximately 80 vehicles from various locations in Alabama & Tennessee to Augusta, Ga for the beginning of the Masters Golf Tournament. All of the drivers were well rested and amped up for this year’s move, we got it done no problem! Then as the weekend was getting close and all of the excitement and festivities were dying out, we were asked to transport approximately 200 cars into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for rental customers!! Whew…long days!! By the middle of the second day, the little convoy that we started out with began to dissipate as fatigued started settling in…..HEY….we did it and got all vehicles delivered in 4 days…NO DAMAGES!!! Raising the standard and getting the job done, that’s KSIS Auto Transport, Inc.

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